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                                                                              (CSA Racing Team)

      Agents for Kmaps ECU remap upgrades for MGF/TF's .  

Phone 01932 241843 / 07836 281493  

                                        MGF/TF Parts..+..Racing car Parts                                                     


CSA Racing Parts + MGF/TF Racing Parts


Set of Tilton floor Pedal assemblies with master cylinders second hand  new over £600+vat .£300

1 x new Safety device half roll cage for MGF/TF with seat belt bar £280

MGF/TF Racing hardtop £SOLD 


1 x secondhand lightweight racing MG TF boot lid ,very rare £150

MG Midget light weight hardtop, white £300

MGB front & rear Sebring valances, new, front painted red Pair £200

MG Midget light weight boot lid £150


MGF /TF parts...MGF / TF parts

Secondhand MGF/TF hardtops from £300 eg 1 White LE500 , 1 Intense Blue LE500 hardtop ,1 Black and 2 Silver , Black with no head lining to clear £150.



MGF Mk1 Cream leather seats, very good £150

MGF/TF Trophy boot spoiler black £80




Exchange your ECU for a remapped/upgraded ECU, all Mk2 MGF's and TF's, giving 10% power gain, 3/4 mpg gain, better throttle response, raised rev ltd, optional crackle from exhaust, While you wait service offered for most models, from £295