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We are agents for Kmaps

                                                                                                                                                        Our Parts Warehouse is just one mile from our

MG Car Showroom.....We are stock a good selection of parts for MGF / TF's.

                          No 12 Unit 2 Chertsey Bridge Rd,Chertsey KT16 8LF

Selection of MGF/Tf Roll Hoops, see list below
MGF / TF's, Selection of Bumpers, bonnets, wings, doors, in stock.eg,

MG TF Front bumper BRG (HFF), off a 3,000mile car £15o+vat

MG TF Front bumper Anthercite with fog lights £120+vat

MGF TF LE500 Bonnet Orange New/unused £90+vat

MGF/TF NS Front wing Sonic blue & Xpower grey, £50+vat each
MGF/TF Door handles / locks / motors / mirrors

MG TF LE500 n/s c/locking door lock new £70 +vat

MG TF LE500 n/s electric window motor new £90+vat

MGF/TF o/s central locking door lock £60 + vat
MGF/TF n/s central locking door lock £50 + vat

MGF/TF o/s & n/s electric window motor £37.50 + vat each

MGF/TF Selection of door handles from £45+vat

MGF/TF n/s door mirror electric, BRG(hff) £25+vat

MGF/TF o/s & n/s door mirror electric, Trophy blue JFV £25+vat each

MGF/TF o/s & n/s door mirror electric,  Firefrost CEF £25+vat each

Interior Items + Door cards & trims

MGF/TF door card inserts in Blue leather,NEW very rare, pair £42+vat
MGF / TF Walnut leather armrest very good £35+vat
MGF / TF Grey leather armrest very good £35 +vat
MGF/TF Walnut / Carbon Fibre & Silver interior trims & Steering wheels.

MGF / TF Walnut(wood) Steering wheel very good £275+vat

MGF Mk2/TF Walnut(wood) Centre Console, very good, 1 LEFT £160+vat

MGF Mk2/TF Silver Centre Console, £110+vat

MGF Mk2/TF LE500 Black (gloss) Centre Console,as new £120+vat

MGF / TF Carbon Fibre look door trims NEW old stock, (metal) still with plastic covers, the very last Pair £90+vat

Chrome ashtrays MGF/TF £25+vat each


Grenadine interior less seats £295+vat

Walnut interior less seats £195+vat

MGF / TF Hardtops For Sale & Wanted

1 x Wedgewood Blue with Black leather headlining (Heritage)SOLD.
1 x Black with Black leather headlining (Heritage)hardtop in excellent condition £450+vat


MGF/TF Roll Hoops

MGF TF Factory MG/Rover Xpower Chrome Roll Hoops complete £275+vat

MGF/TF chrome upright roll hoops with Grey T-Bar £245+vat

MGF/TF Chrome roll hoops with glass wind deflector & Black T-Bar £325+vat

MGF/TF original boot rack with keys £95+vat

MG TF Gear stick gaiter with silver ring and handbrake Gaiter in Blue £45+vat

MGF / TF Gear knob, New,From 80th ltd Editions.£75+vat

MGF / TF, we have a large selection of seats.Here's a few.

MGF/TF pair of Black leather seats £345+vat

Pair of MGF / TF unused (new) seats, Tan leather / black alcantara inserts £495+vat

Pair of MGF / TF Seats, Black leather with Sebring centres from a TF160. £270+vat (below)

MG TF Seats Black leather with Grenadine alcantara inserts £350+vat

MGF / TF Seats, Pair of Red & Black leather seats £SOLD(below)

Grenadine interior less seats £295+vat


MGF / TF's secondhand mechanical items for sale eg Engines/brakes etc.

MG TF VVC c/head complete unit, very good from £260+vat

MGF TF 52mm throttlebody £45+vat

New old stock Pektron Mk2 BCU's for TF's & ZR's, £poa

MG TF, TT MK9 Exhaust NEW £360(Below) one left

MGF Mk1 Power steering + ecu £75+vat

MGF/TF Power steering + Ecu £75+vat

MGF/TF Indicator/lights/wipers switchs each £20+vat

MGF/TF alloy wheels New and Secondhand

Just a few listed here.

We have a selection of secondhand alloy wheels for sale, some with s/h tyres from £55+vat each

4 off 7" x 16" 10 spoke alloys 500000002aab(later TF's 2009 alloys) fit all model MGF or TF's refurbed £75+vat each (below)

We also offer                           

Suppliers of new ABS Rings for late MG TF's 2007 onwards, eg LE500's / 85th's and 135's

We are agents for Kmaps, for late MGF's and all TF's including LE500's 85th's .While you wait service by appointment, takes no longer than 25 minutes, please call for details.

Call David on 07836 281493 or Email us at any of the email address

[email protected]
[email protected]
We can take Debit / Credit Card Payments
We can also take Payment by Paypal.

Parts Warehouse/workshop,Church Square Autos,No 12,Unit 2 Chertsey Bridge Road, Chertsey KT16 8LF. 07836 281493 By appointment please

We are a VAT registered company. Reg no. 302 2574 02